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TSGxTACTIKZ app for moderator

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1 TSGxTACTIKZ app for moderator on Sat Mar 10, 2012 11:55 am

Hi everybody, i am TSGxTACTIKZ. I am a new member of this server and i would really like to have the chance to help out on the server. I'm not sure what the format for the staff app is so imma just use my own type,
1. YOU'RE AGE: i am 17

2.HOW WILL YOU HELP OUT THE SERVER: getting rid of the griefers and building epic stuff.

3.WHY DO YOU WANT TO BECOME MOD: so i can help improve the server as much as i can.

4.HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PLAING MINECRAFT: since 1.6, so not too long but long enough to love the game and
understand what type of responsibility it is to be a moderator on a server.

5.ARE YOU RESPONSIBLE: yes i am verhy responsible with multiple things, i can be responsible when it comes to knowing when to ban people or kick them, i can hold back my anger with people very good, ETC.

6.ARE YOU GOOD WITH COMMANDS: Yes i am very good with alot of commands, espacially world edit, i can world edit
things that most people wouldnt even imagine of making, i dont currently have any pictures because im not on my main computer but if i did i would show them.

7.ARE YOU GOOD WITH PEOPLE:Yes, i am very good with people that are cooperative, people who resist are a little harder to deal with but i can do it.

8.DO YOU HAVE ANY CODING SKILLS: Yes i do, i can code mods, i can code plugins, ETC.

9.WHERE DO YOU LIVE: I live in utah, the U.S of A

10.SOME EXTRA THINGS ABOUT YOU ARE:I love to snowboard, skate, code programs/plugins/mods, I love pc's, I am planning to go to college to be a game designer, I want to make the server my main one i play on, I love to play xbox.


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