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Junkers Moderator/Admin Apply!

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1 Junkers Moderator/Admin Apply! on Fri Aug 03, 2012 8:07 pm



Yes, I speak english. I live in the United States. Im a male and 14 years old.

Why I deserve Moderator

I have alot of experience on servers, I am really active and and fairly good with commands.
I have alot of experience in keeping peace aswell.
I can help the server get more permenent members aswell, I am really dedicated to Collosus-Gaming.
My friend Reiko loves this server and he wanted me to be apart of this community with him. Smile

Other Reasons

I know Sanjar is pissed about Skrillex (Reiko and chan50 (chance).
They bring alot of drama to the server, alot of it.
I live next to chance, and Reiko is my best friend.
They will listen to me most likely.
Sanjar I know you want them to stop, And I am just the person to help.


I am skilled in World edit, I make pretty well thought of creations with it.
Even with out World edit I am persistent to finish what I start to build.
And I am no doubt trustfull with the commands I am given, I don't ask too much, but trust me you won't regret making me a Moderator, or perphars higher! Very Happy

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