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Admin/Mod Application

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1 Admin/Mod Application on Fri Jul 27, 2012 11:02 pm


Hey Sanjar, here's my app.

MUST SPEAK ENGLISH: I speak English quite fluently.

MUST WRITE ENGLISH: I write English without a problem.

HAVE PLAYED MINECRAFT FOR 4+ MONTHS: I have played Minecraft over 1+ year.

MUST KNOW ALL THE COMMANDS: I know most commands and might have forgotten a few.

MUST KNOW HOW TO BE GOOD AT THEIR JOB: I have been admins on many Faction servers, and they have shut down due to the lack of donations to the server.

MUST BE KIND AND HELPFUL: I shall do whatever to serve and protect.

MUST BE MODERATE: I wont be taking any bullshit, but I will have a joke around fellow gamers. (:

MUST BE AT LEAST 15 YEARS OLD: Turning 15 in September.

MUST KNOW ALL THE RULES OF C-G: I know all the rules.

ABLE TO PLAY 5 DAYS IN A WEEK AND AT LEAST 3 HOURS IN A DAY: I am able to play that amount, if not more.

MUST KNOW WHO THE OWNER IS: The owner is Sanjar12345, GemGems, SpriteFan3 and HeyApple.

MUST NOT BE A TRAITOR: I shall never betray my server.

MUST NOT BE A SERVER SKIPPER: I have taken a real liking to Collosus-Gaming, and I never usually do. I shall not skip the server.

MUST BE ADVANTAGEOUS: I shall be advantageous with my Admin/Mod abilities wherever possible.

MUST KNOW WHAT ADVANTAGEOUS MEANS WITHOUT GOOGLE IT IN: I do year 10 subjects, and im in year 8.

Hopefully you like it!

Andrew (SYMEZY987)

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