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1 RULES OF FACTIONS on Sun May 06, 2012 8:56 pm

Collosus-Gaming Faction World Rules
Failure to abide to these rules may result in a severe punishment
1) You are allowed to Grief, Everywhere except the spawn.
2) If you get griefed or your house is gone, DO NOT start asking for your items back/ your house back as it was your responsibility to make a faction and claim your house.
3) If you die in a PVP match fairly, do not start nagging the admins for your stuff back, Ask kindly to the victor if he wants to give back your stuff, if he does, good, if he does not, well, your fault.
4) No hacking, Flying, Speeding or Being a coward and PVP Logging, anyone caught doing any of those things, will be BANNED
5) Do not spawn any sort of item, as it is unfair on the members that cannot spawn items, if you can spawn
items, somehow, do not spawn them to use for your faction or against other factions and players. Anyone caught spawning TNT or Diamonds will be instantly banned.
5) Do not camp at spawn with full Diamond armour waiting for players to come, Anyone caught doing this, will be killed and all their items destroyed. You can only PVP at spawn, if you are wearing full diamond armour if the enemy challenges you, or hits you.
6) Do not be a war-frenzy killer
7) When raiding a faction, never keep on killing them if they said surrender as this is unfair, cause you have all the items and they have nothing, If the enemy faction have surrendered, ask for whatever you want from them, and leave, do not set your /home there and come back. Once is enough.
Cool Do not use our DynMaps for finding players/bases.
9) Staff do not abuse members, just because you have the power does not mean you can type /kill on the enemy
10) Do not Cry, It is HARD CORE FACTIONS


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2 Re: RULES OF FACTIONS on Sun May 06, 2012 8:57 pm


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